Tuesday, August 09, 2005


Every morning while driving on my way to work, I pass by a small group of 5-6 men who are walking together at a steady pace. They all appear to be in their mid to late 60's or they might even be a bit older. They all wear a white cap so its evident to me that they formed their own "walking club" or maybe they were all already part of the same club or organization and they started walking together. They are chatting as they walk and they still keep up a good pace, which tells me they they are all in fairly good shape. I smile when I see this little group with their matching caps and I am also moved. At first I couldn't understand what moved me about them but now I know.
They show me "life" is not in the body but in the spirit. They have more life in them than many men my age or younger.
They also show me the value of friendship and comraderie. I don't know how long they've all been friends but I do know that they enjoy each other's company enough to want to get together early every morning. They show me the value of commitment. Because of it they continue to benefit from the daily exercise that is so vital to maintaining an active lifestyle at their age and at any age.
They are passionate in their dedication to keeping healthy and active and they're doing it with style!
I hope I continue to spot them on my way to work every day. Its great to be inspired by great leaders, sports heroes and historical figures but its even greater to find inspiration in people we meet in our everyday life or even in each other. Way to go White Cap Club!

Quote of the day
"The Quality of a persons Life is in Direct Portion to their commitment to Excellence, Regardless of their chosen field of endeavor."
-Vince Lombardi

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