Thursday, June 15, 2006


Back to the Caves

I watched a fascinating program on the Discovery Channel last week. It was called "Walking with the Cavemen" and it was hosted by Alec Baldwin. It obviously supported the ev0lutionary theory of man and it went back millions of years to species of hominids who walked the earth but were closer to the animal kingdom than to mankind as it is today. The general consensus of science is that over a span of 2 million years man has been evolving and adapting more and more to its environment but man as he is today didn't appear until 60.000 yrs ago. What made the last "version" of man survive was his imagination. His ability to imagine a future and to plan for it accordingly is what made the difference. Hope and dreams are the main ingredients that make us a superior species and not our strength or intelligence. They are not enough and without imagination they are nothing. As I watched this very interesting program, a scary thought entered my mind. If we can evolve - could we not also de-volve? Everything that goes up must come down - as the saying goes. Nowadays we do not put much value on imagination. Art programs in schools are the first to go. The focus is on technology and business.
Children are content in playing video games for hours on end while only 50 yrs ago they spent endless hours outdoors inventing their own games.
We no longer choose to read a book that requires us to imagine what the characters look like. Movies and television take care of that for us now.
I know that technological advances are in and of themselves proof of mankinds ability to imagine something into existence. What does that technology do for the most part though? It is designed to help make our life more comfortable.
I think that we are on our way to being too comfortable. To the point that we no longer need to move forward. Just a thought.

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