Monday, June 26, 2006


A flock of geese

What can a flock of Canada geese crossing the street teach us? It might not teach you anything at all unless you choose to see an opportunity for growth and learning in every life experience. This morning, while on my way to work I had just such an experience.
Like every morning for the past year - and even more so on Monday mornings- getting out the door is my greatest achievement of the day that takes careful and detailed planning.
I've come to perfect my technique but the task remains daunting. My 10 year old requires lunch as do I and my toddler requires attention which I cannot give.
Getting to work on time is obviously challenging at best and to exacerbate the problem is the long drive on Hwy 401. If my coordinated efforts are successful and luck (or God) is on my side I will be able to get to work without too much loss of mental faculties. This morning - something - or a flock of something in this case- got in my way. I had almost made it to work and just as I was starting to pray for all the street light to cooperate and be green all at the same time, a large number of our beloved Canada geese begun their crossing. Not of the sea or the ocean, but of the vast and dangerous Hwy 7! The car in front of me started to lean on the horn in the hope that the geese would be scared into receding. These animals are not easily dissuaded and proceeded in their journey to the other side of the road. What could us urban jungle dwellers do when faced with such obvious indifference? We did the only thing we could do: we sat back quietly and waiting for every single bird , Mama birds, Papa birds and baby birds, to cross that busy stretch of highway. I couldn't help but laugh out loud at this blatant example of our powerlessness in the face of mothernature. This was no tornado or tsunami but just as beautiful an example as any.
What did I learn from this stubborn flock? Don't rush things that need to get done at their own pace. Remember what is really important and take a moment to appreciate the simple things.
There are some things we cannot change and the only thing we can change is the way we deal with a particular situation.


Thank you so much for the warm comment you left at my blog site! Your comments were so thoughtful and very encouraging! I really do love to write, but life takes over and I always forget about what makes me tick! Since I have started this, I have taken lots of quiet opportunities, because this is so filling up my love tank!

Bless you!
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